Close protection

R.A.D Security provides bespoke protection and security to individuals and groups, such as managers and families with particular security requirements.

Whether in combination with other security elements or through the bodyguard concerned - the aim of our professional close protection service is to prevent potential threats and avoid attacks on our clients' lives or their freedom to act and move around.

Discretion and efficiency

Thrilling action belongs in Hollywood. The personal protection service which we offer is primarily characterised by maximum efficiency, precise and careful preparations, and the very highest degree of discretion. Because a potential, latent threat requires prevention, while an acute threat demands immediate, practised action.

Bespoke and international solutions

Our highly qualified executive protection staff and bodyguards provide a bespoke security and protection service anywhere, in or outside Germany. In this challenging segment, it is good to know that it is the laws of the countries in which we are operating on behalf of our clients which determine what is feasible or not.

Mobile deployments and car fleets

With us you are also safe when you are on the road. Naturally, our employees and security drivers regularly attend specialised security training courses.

Where required, we can provide both normal company cars for our clients and special vehicles selected from a range of security levels.


DEKRA zertifiziert

Quality management:
ISO 9001:2015 certified
DIN 77200:2015 certified

Member of Experts Group Event Safety
R.A.D Security: Member of BDSW
PQ VOL / Member of VSW
R.A.D Sicherheit AG ist Mitglied der ICMPA

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