The R.A.D team

Our security company currently employs sixty full-time and up to 500 freelance employees on operational day-to-day duties. Depending on the requirements profile, we can deploy them both within Germany and internationally at very short notice.

In carrying out their responsibilities, our teams are supported by the very latest technology - from a wide range of radio equipment to mobile X-ray devices.

Our team members...

... are highly qualified and all trained in collaboration with the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. With a view to always being able to meet the growing needs of our clients, our employees also regularly participate in bespoke training and development activities, both in Germany and internationally.

Experienced in-house specialists train and manage our security teams for the relevant deployment area. R.A.D Security employs experts in the areas of inspection, monitoring and surveillance, identification, personal protection and bodyguarding. Our team also includes specialists in searching for and detecting conventional and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Our security services are complemented by crowd managers who specialise in detecting mood swings in the major events sector, and in de-escalation and dispersal.


DEKRA zertifiziert

Quality management:
ISO 9001:2015 certified
DIN 77200:2015 certified

Member of Experts Group Event Safety
R.A.D Security: Member of BDSW
PQ VOL / Member of VSW
R.A.D Sicherheit AG ist Mitglied der ICMPA

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