Security service in Germany and Switzerland

Established in 1994, R.A.D Security is a German and Swiss-based European security company with offices in Cologne,Germany & Luzern,Switzerland. As well as providing security solutions to corporations and individuals from around the world, we operate throughout Europe and have handled projects successfully as far afield as the Middle East and the USA.

We offer a Full Range of Security Services  

  • Personal protection, personal security detail (PSD)
  • German/Swiss Bodyguards for close protection (Multilingual staff)
  • Security drivers and executive protection
  • Observation security/ Site protection - day and night
  • Event security guards, well trained & highly-motivated
  • Bespoke packages based on your needs - whether you need a single bodyguard or a small group of highly skilled security personnel
  • Specialists in searching for and detecting conventional and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
  • Cutting-edge technology, including bag-checking devices
  • Security analysis 

For details of our German security operation go to Security Germany, and to learn about our swiss security company go to Swiss Security.

RAD Security provides bespoke protection and security to individuals and groups. Our protection service aims to preempt potential threats and avoid attacks on our client’s safety or their freedom to act or move around. By combining expertise and experience with state-of-the-art technology, we can alleviate the hassle and threat associated with ensuring personal safety. We are also able help you to take the necessary measures to prevent any breaches of security at your premises or next VIP event.

R.A.D Security Personnel

We employ 120 full-time staff including highly-skilled Swiss and German bodyguards and German Security Officers. Our personnel are highly skilled and understand the nuances of safety and security for all projects of any size. With a wide variety of agents and guards, we aim to select operatives that match your specific requirements, whatever plans you have in mind for your project.  Our security staff are given personalised training and development so that they can meet the growing needs of clients and projects both within Germany/Switzerland and further afield. Experienced trainers and external experts perform these tasks for different deployment areas. In-house training courses, in parallel with development and/or full-time employment in our germansecurity company, particularly cover areas such as prevention, de-escalation, protection against violence, and hazard control. Doctor Carsten Brunner und Doctor Siegfried Wolf, Vice-President of the Baden-Württemberg Karate Federation and an 8th Dan, are accomplished trainers in this field. In addition all of our security guards receive training in collaboration with the German Security Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

Our Trained Staff Are Professional and Intuitive

We provide our operatives with in-house training so that they are well-equipped to deal with numerus issues. Besides receiving ongoing expert guidance, our operatives have exceptional personal so called „soft skills“. Many of our staff are multilingual. They will always maintain a smart, controlled, professional appearance and demeanour, and exercise discretion and compassion at all times - making them an ideal choice when you are looking for a high class security company in Europe.  The average age of our personnel is 35 and our operatives are both sensitive and very resilient. Where possible we recruit operatives with more than one speciality; for example security guards who are trained rescue workers or who have a fire-safety certificate or training. In addition, our operatives recognise that as well as staying safe, guests and attendees must be respected, and assured of a pleasant and memorable experience.

Security Drivers and Specialised Vehicles

Our security drivers and limousines ensure that you are safe on the roads. Our drivers attend specialised security training courses and we have both normal company cars and security vehicles, and car fleets for mobile deployments. Talk to us about your requirements regarding travel and transport - seeking help from the professionals and advance planning can mean the difference between success and failure.

Bespoke Security Solutions - Day and Night

We combine service with the latest technology, installing and using the latest monitoring, alarm, and communication equipment, which includes night-vision technology. Our operatives use this technology alongside traditional surveillance procedures. With their training, natural instinct, and experience, they are able to provide an effective, efficient service. RAD Security is happy to create a bespoke package to accommodate your requirements.

Security Consulting Services

In an age where so many of our business transactions are conducted digitally, RAD Security recognises that talking one-to-one and creating bespoke solutions is often the best strategy with something as vital as safety. We work with you closely to identify your needs and to look at the security vulnerabilities that already exist. We then search deeper to find potential issues that could arise. With cost effectiveness in mind at all times, we draw up a detailed catalogue of measures which outlines precisely what we need to implement - and how we intend to do so. This might require the induction and training of additional staff, cooperation with official agencies, or deploying specific technology to make your event secure.

Quality management

National and international quality management systems exist so that minimum levels of service performance and production may be achieved, and so that relevant test methods are scrupulously complied with. Our quality assurance efforts aim to go beyond this and continuously improve all of our procedures in order to improve client satisfaction and retain clients over the long term. Our operatives being familiar with the basic legislation for security providers and the typical requirements in terms of discretion and resilience, and having exceptional personal skills, they are able to deal successfully with the most difficult types of problem on projects of all sizes both in and outside Germany and Switzerland.


As an experienced European security company, our quality management is DIN Norm ISO 9001:2008 and 77200:2008 certified. For some years now, Prof. Dr. Klemens Skibicki, a lecturer at the European University of Applied Sciences, Cologne Business School, has been advising us on how to develop and improve our quality management, our in-house processes and our communications.

RAD Security Values Our Customers

With careful thought and planning, we aim to preempt any problems and resolve any issues before they can occur. Our team of experts will take care of everything and stay in touch with you to keep you up-to-date and well informed at all times. You can leave it all to us and concentrate your efforts on other tasks!  RAD Security can help you achieve a relaxed, secure environment for your event and provide you with the peace of mind associated with personal security from a bodyguard. With the latest in cutting edge technology and well-trained, multilingual security operatives and German bodyguards, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. Contact us to discuss how we can help you, whether you are planning a small gathering, or require help with a major event.

Glowing references for R.A.D Security

When you opt for R.A.D Security you have chosen an experienced guard service from Germany and Switzerland. Find out for yourself about the work we have done - you can get an initial impression of the projects we have delivered here.

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Quality management:
ISO 9001:2015 certified
DIN 77200:2015 certified

Member of Experts Group Event Safety
R.A.D Security: Member of BDSW
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